A few books I’ve read lately have given me the strength to follow my instincts and be true to who I am. One of my favourite books, asked a valuable question: Why do you have a fear of putting yourself out there? “ If we don’t dare to try, it’s our own fault.” That is courtesy of Mr. Seth Godin from his book, What To Do When It’s Your Turn (and it’s always your turn). It also asks other important questions. The one that stuck with me was: What next step can you take to kindly and tenderly offer your work?

Taking this literally, I begun to interview people for my new podcast show and made this website. I’m here because I really enjoy listening to people and am incredibly curious about what lies beneath the surface. This curiosity gave me the courage to create this platform, to ask questions, to listen and then to share.

You might wonder what I’ve been up to for these 26 years I have mentioned. Amongst other things, yet most significantly, I have spent 23 of them married to my life-long partner and my biggest fan. He is the first-best thing that has happened to me in addition to our babies - four of them in total; ranging in the ages of 9 to 20 years old. This group, that I call ‘The Big 5’, adds to my life every day. They bring me joy and at times will not hesitate to rough me up and point out my flaws, but these five will always celebrate my wins. They will comfort me when I’ve completely lost my mind and they are the ones who burst at the seams with pride when I press through those really tough spots. They even laugh at my jokes! My family. My guides. The loves of my life. They all work in collaboration with me, bringing out the best in every way imaginable as life refines and restructures the sharp edges contributing to my own story.

I’m almost finished this write up, but this “About Me” page is not done, in my mind it will never be done. For that reason I’ve decided to call this page ‘Abouting’. It represents the on-going change, growth, success and dream fulfillment that is my life. So, NO - it isn’t a typo. Sure, it’s a word I made up (you’ll find, I like to do that), but in wanting to best describe the action and movement of my life “Abouting” for me says it best - the opposite of static is fluid, moving and working! Just like my life and yours.

This journey began when I was 17. Where I entered the arena of possibility and never looked back! After all this time - 26 years to be exact, through messiness and hesitation I finally found the courage that led me to create this. To give my self permission to take my turn and to take the risk of putting myself out there. I like what has become of me. And for the first time ever.

I LOVE what possibility has made.