Myan Magic

This balm is one of those ones that I carry with me everywhere I go! 

I use it on my face in the morning and as an all over body moisturizer. It’s a new find and is simply fantastic. I give it 5 out of 5 Shimadings! I have used this balm for over a year. Through all the seasons and let me tell you! it is amazing. My daughter takes a small jar to school during the dry winter months when her hands are red and chapped - it works wonders!

And if that isn’t enough, where this product really won me over when I used it immediately after shaving my legs. Normally, after shaving I cant apply anything if I do, red bumps emerge which isn’t cool in the summer.  Finally becoming sick and tired of the red bumps I did some research and this product popped up saying that it was excellent at reducing shaving rash. I applied a thick layer right after I shaved and Viola’ the heavens opened up and angels sang as my legs had not one tiny red bump!!!  

 I also applied it to a few mosquito bites and the itch went away. This stuff really works AND its  vegan, Cruelty free, GF, Soy Free with no synthetic chemicals or dyes, parabens, fragrance, petroleum or lanolin. AND its manufactured in my very OWN CITY!

Thank you 


Raising Rowan

The interview I just had with the one and only Mrs. Angela McNair was incredible to say the least. I am so glad we released the podcast because I almost moved the entire episode to the redo folder. Let me explain!

During the editing process, sound issues were apparent and some of my team members recommended we redo or discard the interview. I was not sure about how I felt, and I waited in posting it for a very long time. Then it occurred to me! My vision and belief is “Every Story Matters.” Location doesn’t matter. Wether you are nursing a baby, driving your car or it is the middle of summer and all your kids are at home. Every story matters. The same goes for: Raising Rowan. This story matters. Angela’s honesty about every day life with a son on the Autism spectrum is an important story to share. I am certain there is a family out there who can relate and may feel overwhelmed. Perhaps there are people who need more understanding about Autism. This conversation will provide clarity and give hope. In spite of the background noise and some sound issues!


Angela talked in the podcast about contributing to The Click the link below if you would like to read her work!

My Very Long and Still Unresolved Experience With Adrenal Fatigue

Adrenal Fatigue - an enormous, all consuming weight that I never could get a grip on has finally revealed itself in such splendour - I can no longer continue on the way I am. My life has to change. 

Perhaps you can relate? Maybe you feel exhausted around the clock and wake up thinking about how many hours it will be until you are able to, with a straight face, climb back into your cozy bed, or you can relate to the slight dizziness that occurs when you stand up too quickly or dealing with that foggy brain cloud that is a permanent fixture over you all day, every day? Fatigue has to be mentioned again, because it is so profound and I would say, almost debilitating and is one of the most common symptoms, and by far the most frustrating. 

I would safely say that by the time I went to visit my naturopath Dr. Patton, my energy levels were at an all time low. I had done everything I could think of to increase my energy and lift the terrible exhaustion that I was feeling - nothing worked. My energy levels varied throughout the day, I could barely get out of bed in the morning, at 2 pm I could hardly keep my eyes open and then I would have this incredible energy burst around 5-8pm. I told all of this to Dr. Patton as she was looking over my file. To which she kindly replied, it’s not likely you are going to die, but I do suspect there is an iron deficiency and/or adrenal fatigue which would be in an advanced stage from when I originally brought this up 10 years ago…ohhhhhhh right… I nervously laughed,….about that time those many many years ago.

I wont get into the specifics about this conversation, you can listen to that on the podcast, but I would like to offer you a thread of hope if you do find yourself in a similar situation - there are some things you can do immediately to help change energy levels.

1. Obviously, this first point goes without saying that First and foremost - Go and see your Doctor. And if the medical doctor does not understand the components of Adrenal Fatigue, reach out to a naturopath.

2. Rest. Rest. REST! Dr. Patton asked me to take 1 full hour per day to rest my body. It was a tall order. But I was so tired anyways that on my lunch break I would go find a nice quiet place to rest and sleep for 45 min. Making this happen every day is crucial.

3. Balance. This whole chain reaction did not start overnight so taking extreme measures does not do any good. Learning to balance your life to meet the needs of your body is vital. Taking the time to listen to your body and acknowledging the fact that perhaps a lack of boundaries, intense scheduling or not so good eating habits may have contributed to Adrenal imbalance. From my experience, it was all of the above, plus more. This is by far the most important item and one that I began to put in place right away - saying no and being okay with not holding up the whole world on my shoulders. Learning to balance the needs of my body and revisiting my schedule and then shaping it to the needs of my body was paramount in moving forward.

4. Slowly begin to make changes to your diet. I learned this the hard way and thought it would be easier to go cold turkey. My advice. Don’t do that! Follow a workable plan from a naturopath or nutritionist to help make things easier.

5. Now, for this next one, I would say yes, this issue was obvious but not as extreme as the others; inability to handle stress. Okay... Yes, I run my own company and have 4 children from the age 9 to 20, which is not stressful to me…Well thats what I tell myself anyway.

And here comes the Big Daddy of them all.

6. Reduce caffeine…the very thought of reducing coffee….I can't even. I love it sooo much. Dr. Patton assured me that while it would be painful for me to reduce coffee and I would most likely go into withdrawal, it was really important step because even though coffee give you the energy I thought I needed, in reality, the energy was not real. Coffee was propping up my energy levels. To be totally honest, I knew this was the case. I could literally put 4 cups of coffee into a IV drip bag and take it in the form of intravenous and it still would not budge the level of exhaustion. But, I was so far gone with the habit and belief that it was doing something for me, I continued to keep going. And I reeeeaallly like it!

Please join with me for a moment of silence as I grieve the death of my friend and lover... coffee. 

Dr. Patton recommended a few more things which you can listen to in the podcast. Along with other remedies which will have to wait for another time! Till then, begin to think about balance, amount of rest you are getting during the day and what habits, people or lifestyle choices maybe adding stress to your life and your adrenals!

Jana Part 1 On Life Lessons: Abusive Relationship

There has been a lot going through my mind since doing my first podcast with Lori. After much thought, I have clearly realized the importance in sharing my story for myself as well as for others listening. When I met ‘B’, I was young, impressionable, naive and perhaps a little gullible.Yes, he was the first boy who ever told me I was beautiful and yes...the first boy who ever told me he loved me. in fact, he was the first everything! I was eighteen years old and when he started coming around, I fully believed his intent and sincerity...and once I had the chance to slowly know him (without the gaggle of girls always around him during first impressions) i realized a sweetness about him that I've never known in anyone since...that sweetness remained throughout the years of emotional torment because it was genuinely who he was and the heart he possessed. and in the duration of those years, the first few being the worst...I thought with everything I was, that I could make the difference. that I would be the one to save him and all through those years, I believed that deep in my heart . the problem was that while my focus was solely on making him and us better, I lost the most important thing of all..taking care of myself first. and I think there is an important message in that because we all deserve and should maintain boundaries for ourselves, no matter who we love.

Lessons learned.

I wrote a poem that came from pain of all I have been through.. I thank this man, who cut me so deep, for the valuable lessons I have learned.


A point in life

made me look back

the red lights told my story

tonight as i sat..

i was wishing for him to come to my side and remind me to shine from the inside..but he's not here

he found a better place

where all life's events

become erased..

i stared lights reflecting on the bay

my life pouring out at me

and this is what it said...

it all began at eighteen years

so young and naive

not a single fear

i fell in love and so did he

we molded us into a we

he made me feel safe

like it would never end

but ours was a story

we couldn't mend..

as there's two sides of a story

There were two sides to him

heaven on earth and his evil twin.

with substance thrown in

it can bring out the worst

with him it was alcohol

and it came with a curse

then there's me and my soul, matching his sweet kind heart

the times he adored me were my favorite part.

the reason i stayed for so many years

is because thru it all

i understood his fears

in those moments of him spewing verbal abuse

i never took it personally

i was just his excuse..

his anger you see

came deep from within

and explode he would 

at the drop of a pin.

i stayed being us for ten sorted years

there was love laughter

anger and tears

i know that he loved me

i felt the same way

it broke my heart and his

leaving him that way.

for years i felt guilt for not staying there..

i heard he got worse

more than my heart could bare

but the thing about life

the choices we make

not one single one of them

are close to mistakes

we go through our shit 

the path becomes clearer

with every choice, every turn..

our focus is clearer.

and all of the choices we make in our path

Including my first one

where i never looked back

but the story of us

the team that we were

the one i thought would last for sure

Came to an end that to me was tragic

he taught me about life and all its magic

but in the end instead of him

i chose me and pulled the pin.

I've learned so much since that day

i adjusted to the pain that never went away

i found myself in the process life went as it should

his passing brought me to the beginning

i wouldn't change it if I could.

every single moment
that he and i were a we

has remained and taught me everything i never knew I’d see.

the woman that i am today is largely due to him

I've learned in life to stand my ground

and to never sink but swim!

in every moment ever since

he's been a part of me

its in my heart as well my soul

in a way its always been a we..

special people in my life have passed but we will meet again and when we do there'll be no strife but the moment to start again

this time there'll be no hurt just love as it should be. if life was always like that it would be heaven on earth to me...

4 Ways Life Can Break You Open


Ouch! that hurt…

When if feels as if life has broken you

Broken open. What exactly is that? I know... It doesn’t sound good and feels pretty painful, but if you think about it, many of us have felt that terrible pain of a bad life experience.

Whether you are a child of divorce, have observed unhealthy relationships, experienced financial loss, suffered through the pain of being bullied, or experienced any other form of pain, there are so many ways life can seem to break us, or at the very least leave a bruise. It is not about if we will experience being cracked open, it is about what to do when it happens. In this episode we want to do our best to create a discussion about what to do if you have found yourself in this place. We want to prepare you for that moment when things move in slow motion, when you are brought to your knees and safety seems far away.

Jenn Shepherd talks about 4 ways life can break us open. When you understand you are broken, what do you do? How do you move out of the pain of brokenness? After all, Jenn says, “there is more than one way to be broken.” She talks about how many of us take for granted that something is going to continue as it did yesterday, and that no pain will come our way. Then, all of a sudden, life happens; joy, sorrow, and pain. Jenn discusses points we may never have thought of and only does so because she herself has experienced the fractures and cracks of life over this last year.

When you understand you are broken, you ask the question, “What is it that I have taken for granted?” Sometimes you need to discover what you took for granted and ponder the different ways you can come back from the brokenness, and from there, figure out how to heal. We rarely think about our lives until we are forced to.

The actual act of breaking does not mean we have to be in a state of brokenness, but sometimes we are already broken. The brokenness of weakening, feeling overpowered, feeling like a failure or being dominated or controlled. Most challenges can become quite overpowering and seemingly impossible when we are in this state of brokenness.  There must be a reflection of the foundation in which you were standing upon. The way you think, act, or treat others matters and in the small moments there may be weakness within the foundation.

The first thing to know about a state of brokenness, is that you don't just become broken. For many of us, there are small moments that create the present state you are in. For example, maybe you have let someone mistreat you. When those seemingly simple things are not addressed, it is easy to let them pile up, causing us to slip into a state of brokenness. This can happen in multiple stages of your life. Perhaps we should try to open up about it, instead of keeping it inside. At times, being open about our brokenness will help ourselves and others.

Embrace the moment of pain, look within, and ask yourself, how did I get here?