4 Ways Life Can Break You Open


Ouch! that hurt…

When if feels as if life has broken you

Broken open. What exactly is that? I know... It doesn’t sound good and feels pretty painful, but if you think about it, many of us have felt that terrible pain of a bad life experience.

Whether you are a child of divorce, have observed unhealthy relationships, experienced financial loss, suffered through the pain of being bullied, or experienced any other form of pain, there are so many ways life can seem to break us, or at the very least leave a bruise. It is not about if we will experience being cracked open, it is about what to do when it happens. In this episode we want to do our best to create a discussion about what to do if you have found yourself in this place. We want to prepare you for that moment when things move in slow motion, when you are brought to your knees and safety seems far away.

Jenn Shepherd talks about 4 ways life can break us open. When you understand you are broken, what do you do? How do you move out of the pain of brokenness? After all, Jenn says, “there is more than one way to be broken.” She talks about how many of us take for granted that something is going to continue as it did yesterday, and that no pain will come our way. Then, all of a sudden, life happens; joy, sorrow, and pain. Jenn discusses points we may never have thought of and only does so because she herself has experienced the fractures and cracks of life over this last year.

When you understand you are broken, you ask the question, “What is it that I have taken for granted?” Sometimes you need to discover what you took for granted and ponder the different ways you can come back from the brokenness, and from there, figure out how to heal. We rarely think about our lives until we are forced to.

The actual act of breaking does not mean we have to be in a state of brokenness, but sometimes we are already broken. The brokenness of weakening, feeling overpowered, feeling like a failure or being dominated or controlled. Most challenges can become quite overpowering and seemingly impossible when we are in this state of brokenness.  There must be a reflection of the foundation in which you were standing upon. The way you think, act, or treat others matters and in the small moments there may be weakness within the foundation.

The first thing to know about a state of brokenness, is that you don't just become broken. For many of us, there are small moments that create the present state you are in. For example, maybe you have let someone mistreat you. When those seemingly simple things are not addressed, it is easy to let them pile up, causing us to slip into a state of brokenness. This can happen in multiple stages of your life. Perhaps we should try to open up about it, instead of keeping it inside. At times, being open about our brokenness will help ourselves and others.

Embrace the moment of pain, look within, and ask yourself, how did I get here?