Raising Rowan

The interview I just had with the one and only Mrs. Angela McNair was incredible to say the least. I am so glad we released the podcast because I almost moved the entire episode to the redo folder. Let me explain!

During the editing process, sound issues were apparent and some of my team members recommended we redo or discard the interview. I was not sure about how I felt, and I waited in posting it for a very long time. Then it occurred to me! My vision and belief is “Every Story Matters.” Location doesn’t matter. Wether you are nursing a baby, driving your car or it is the middle of summer and all your kids are at home. Every story matters. The same goes for: Raising Rowan. This story matters. Angela’s honesty about every day life with a son on the Autism spectrum is an important story to share. I am certain there is a family out there who can relate and may feel overwhelmed. Perhaps there are people who need more understanding about Autism. This conversation will provide clarity and give hope. In spite of the background noise and some sound issues!


Angela talked in the podcast about contributing to The Mighty.com Click the link below if you would like to read her work!