At 17 years old, I had a glimpse of what my life could be. It took me 26 years of repeatedly picking myself up, dusting myself off and re-constructing my being from the bottom up, to rest in the perspective I have today. Through much struggle, messiness and joy, one thing I know to be true - the experience of living life, is nothing short of a wild adventure! This may be the reason for my curiosity and passion in talking with others about what they have experienced.

Join with me in exploring what people are up to, as they tell their raw and fascinating stories. Perhaps, we will all gain a fresh perspective on patterns and beliefs that no longer serve a purpose. Or maybe their story will inspire us to endless possibilities. Isn’t it nice to know we are not alone!

It is my great honour to tell their stories and perhaps one day, you and I will discuss yours.

Welcome to The Lori Clarke Show!